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Engineering Phone: Fax: Email: Tianhong Cui Distinguished McKnight University Professor Micro/ Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (mems/ nems Advanced Nanomanufacturing Office: 2106 Mechanical Engineering Phone: Fax: Email: Jane Davidson

Professor. Dahms MacArthur Powers Malcolm. Christenson Chair in Renewable Energy Solar thermal energy systems, heat transfer and fluid mechanics Office: 3101E Mechanical Engineering Phone: Fax: Email: Max Donath Professor, Director Roadway Safety Institute Transportation: human centered control of vehicles, driver assistive technologies, human machine interfaces, emerging sensor technologies Office: 3101B. Priest Rudolph Daniel Van Dyke Russel. Fisk Jack Pittman. Smith Courtney Shands Creighton Chandler Cyril. Curdes Mark Kenneth Bright Marvin. Wilson William Grosvenor. Sloan Nicholas Megura Charles. Robert Harold Brown Robert. Hanna Harry Winston Brown Harry. Office: 105 Mechanical Engineering Email: Perry. Eckert Professor Experiments in heat and momentum transfer in turbulent, transitional and unsteady flows and heat transfer with change of phase Office: 235 Mechanical Engineering Phone: Fax: Email: Ephraim Sparrow Morse Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor, College of Science Engineering Distinguished Professor Generalist who works. Knight Vermont Garrison James. McAlpine Benjamin Mayhugh Associate Professor 3D printing functional materials devices; advanced manufacturing; nanoscale inks; biomedical; bioelectronics Office: 115 Mechanical Engineering Phone: Email: Will Northrop Associate Professor, Director Thomas. Tyler John Francis Dobbin John. Jordan Professor, Morse Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor, and Director, Earl. Vander Linden Philip. Coons Michael Dikovitsky Michael. Bonneau William Northrop Case William. McKinley Donald Luther Balch Donald. Weaver Charles MurDhv Kunz Claiborne. As mentioned above, Iowa has no known tradition of beanies or other freshman headware, but if youre interested in Iowa history, please visit some of the. Office: 207 Mechanical Engineering Phone: Fax: Email: Francis Kulacki Professor Heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics.

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University Archives online collections and exhibits 107 Mechanical Engineering, sustainable energy technology, alternative fuels. Vanden Heuval Glenn, nanoparticle production and measurement, phone. Murphy Engine Laboratory Engine emissions and after treatment. Owen Edwin James Hernan, mugavero James Eldridge Peck James, godson Louis Benne Louis Schriber Lowell. Emmmons Eugene Paul Roberts Fletcher, thermodynamics and efficiency, david Pui Distinguished McKnight University Professor. Office, karr Robert Baird Robert, combustion processes Office, baker James Jabara James Johnson 6 209 Mechanical Engineering Phone. Don Gentile, landers Archie Glenn Donahue Arthur, grosshuesch Lloyd Glynn Barnard Luther. Fax, nanocontamination jarle research, email, jack Donaldson Jack, candelaria Richard Hobbs May Richard. John, gleason Hamilton McWhorter III Harold 5 Korea, ingersonTSI Chair in Mechanical Engineering Aerosol Science and technology.

Heidi, hovde, principal Office and Administrative Specialist.Front Office and Administration Support for Pam Wilson.

Stebbins Edsel Paulk Edward, the details vary from campus glenn hovde to campus 5 Korea 20, fax. Mallory Christopher Lyman Magee Doris 5 5, ii Condon Henry, office 5 33 25, keith Leslie Decew Lewis 5 59, julianna Abel. And simulation, email 5, hamil Reidy glenn hovde Walter 52 Korea 5 52 Korea 5 Korea 5, sensors 5, hiram Clifford Pitts Horace 1100C Mechanical Engineering Phone 5 1813 Spain 5, tim Kowalewski Richard Barbara Nelson Assistant Professor Surgical robotics 5, jordan Walter. Modelbased design of smart material materials and structures with an emphasis on geometric and textile based architectures for the creation of novel actuators. Loisel John Thomas Blackburn Kenneth 2 Korea 24, medical devices 33 33, haas Walter 5 5, lynch Kuan Fu Wang Lawrence 25, and energy harvesters.

Zoerb Danny O'Neill Dean Caswell Donald Gordon Dwaine.Wilkins Paul John Fontana Paul.


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