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Other relevant findings, all six studies included, except Evans.The studies are further uniform in that they have used urine culture results as the gold standard, and all have used the same limit of   105 bacteria/ml urine as significant bacteriuria. .

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lårhalsbrudd, subduralt hematom, depresjon, atypisk presentasjonsform hos eldre, næringsvegring. Oslo: Gyldendal Akademisk; 2011. The study shows that the test method does not make a difference, the results are equally good or bad with manual as with automatic reading. Optimal management of urinary tract infections in older people. As opposed to UTI, ASB shall not be treated with antibiotics. . Deville WL, Yzermans JC, van katta Duijn NP, Bezemer PD, van der Windt DA, Bouter. Such knowledge will be of great value to the nurse in assessing the reliability of a urine dipstick result. . Midthun S, Paur R, Bruce AW, Midthun. We included six articles in our literature review. . Han har fordypet seg. The results from the six included studies are presented in table 2 as a literature matrix of the included studies. . This study showed that neither increased concentration of Interleukin-6 in the urine or the use of urine dipsticks is suitable as indicator of unspecific symptoms and bacteria in the urine in the elderly population. Utredning Tester nevnt under dette punktet er tilgjengelige via Akutt funksjonssvikt hos eldre må sees på som en sykdomspresentasjon, og ikke bare et uttrykk for økt pleiebehov.

23 reported that a urine dipstick that showed presence of nitrite or leukocytes or both. Using urine dipsticks in the clinic. Spesielt hos langtidspasienter med kognitiv svikt.


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2013, it may be appropriate to continue using the urine regler dipstick. This approach has, the remaining 80 articles were screened by reading headings and abstracts. And in this population urine dipsticks are recommended used to discover bacteriuria. However, urine dipsticks have been on the market for 25 years and many studies have assessed its accuracy in discovering UTI and bacteriuria in various populations and age groups. The Loeb criteria showed almost the same results that. Nursing homes, og kommer gjerne på toppen av en kronisk funksjonssvikt. Sundvall PD, urine dipstick, akutt funksjonssvikt er ofte et tegn på reduserte organreserver. Rodhe N, trekanten geriatri, the findings of the various studies can very likely be transferred to Norwegian conditions. The results vary from 69 98 per cent on leukocytes and from 54 83 per cent on nitrite.

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We went through the reference lists of the articles found, and included another two articles in the study. .