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to do is gaze into each others eyes longingly and forget the rest of the world exists. Naz describes the latter. Mamihlapinatapei means a look thats exchanged between

two people, both of whom want to start a relationship, but are too shy to. Its the aftereffects of hitting the Ben Jerrys, Godiva truffles, and Cupcake pinot noir a little too heavily. Here are thirteen of my favorite untranslatable words that have to do with love in some way or another. That stereotypical rom-com moment when a man brushes back a womans hair before he kisses her or when a guy is languidly twirling his fingers forelsket through his girlfriends hair? It literally translates to you bury me and it expresses the desire for your lover to die before you so dont have to live without them. Kilig (Tagalog kilig is similar to forelsket its the weak in the knees, spontaneous blushing and quickening pulse, butterflies in the stomach sensation you get when you see the person youre in love with. Forelsket creates wedding invitations celebrating art and innovative handmade craft. Each Invitation is unsurpassed for its quality and detail. Person #2: why does he/she keep looking at me like that? (totally in love) forelsket more_vert 2:44 Vi oppdaget bluegrass for bare noen år siden, og ble forelsket i det. Retrouvailles (French) Reunions are a beautiful thing. Yaaburnee (Arabic) Like so many great love stories, yaaburnee is both heart-achingly romantic and just a tiny bit morbid. La douleur exquise (French) It shouldnt come as any surprise that the language of love shows up twice on this list, but la douleur exquise certainly isnt as romantic or comforting as retrouvailles. And lets face it, on a holiday where romance is pretty much shoved down our throats whether we like it or not, kummerspeck is bound to rear its pudgy head for us single folk. Its the self-esteem boost that comes along with being someones object of affection and desire. Its how you feel when you run into your ex at the grocery store, when youre in your sweatpants and glasses, hes with his supermodel-esque new girlfriend, and all you want to do is disappear into a hole in the ground and wallow. Theres actually also a close Spanish counterpart to dor : saudade. Mamihlapinatapei (Yaghan) Say this one five times fast. Dor (Romanian) Dor means the heartbreak and sense of longing you feel because youre separated from your love. Honestly, though, I kind of doubt how often this happensmost times, I think itd be closer to this thought process: Person #1: I really like him/herbut Im too shy to act. More_vert 4:26 Jeg var ikke forelsket i denne fisken lenger.

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Its when you sulk and pout dramatically after a fight with your significant other in an attempt to make them suck up to you and admit that they were wrong. The fact that a feeling that is familiar to people across cultures and continents and yet is only expressed in a certain language is fascinating. Ive written about how much I love untranslatable words in the past. Provides the, forelsket and we fell in love with. Jump to navigation, alternative forms edit forelska both adjective and verb form. Enamored adverbial lovingly, contents 26 I fell out of love with this fish. Basically, verb edit forelsket past participle of forelske as an adjective in love. Romeo and Juliet would have loved this phrase.


And its also one of the few that describes an action. Forelsket offers endless possibilities that can be mixed breivik båtforening stavanger and matched to reflect your style. And said look, naz Urdu Technically this means pride or arrogance.


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