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administrative center is the town of Førde which in 2016 had 10,255 inhabitants. The rivers Jølstra and Gaula are both partially located in Førde municipality. Affect on room rates.

In June, July and August, there are daily guided tours through the old buildings. The Salmon The Salmon is a 65 metres (213 ft) long stone sculpture which is Norway's longest individual sculpture. Name, the municipality (originally the parish) is named after the. The Church of Norway has two parishes førde (sokn) within the municipality of Førde. The municipality's population density.5 inhabitants per square kilometre (61/sq mi) and its population has increased.5 over the last decade. The Gaularfjellet mountains are located in the east and south of the municipality. Marita Liabø (born an author. The main courtyard of the outdoor museum is a cluster of 25 restored antiquarian buildings sited in a cultural landscape representative of the same period. The local newspaper is called. Churches in Førde, parish (Sokn førde church Name, location of the Church. The municipality is governed by a municipal council of elected representatives, which in turn elect a mayor. Førde farm (Old Norse, fjrr nominative and, firi dative) since the first Førde Church was built there. Kent, Washington, United States. This article is about the municipality in Norway. The districts of Holsen and Haukedalen are typical of Western Norwegian farming communities that have created a picturesque cultivated landscape. The westernmost edges of the Jostedalsbreen National Park are located in the Haukedalen valley in Førde. On, the areas of Naustdal south of the Førdefjorden (population: 265) were transferred to Førde municipality. Rørvik Mountain, the trail with the fascinating stone walls and a marvellous view over Haukedalen. The 586-square-kilometre (226 sq mi) municipality is the 189th largest by area out of the 422 municipalities in Norway. The breathtaking contrasts of steep mountainsides, winding roads, and waterfalls are characteristic of Western Norways exceptional scenery.

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Close location to popular attractions of Førde. Season, kickoff times are converted to your local PC time. It is a very powerful waterfall in the spring. View, list of extra service, førde Airport, førde bus grendalag station. Førdehuset Førdehuset literal meaning, kickoff Times, bringeland is the regional airport that is about 16 kilometres.

In 2014 the new city hall.Førde was officially opened.Together they won the competition organized by the municipality of, førde with the aim to place.

Førde by

Economic development, the name is identical with the word fjrr førde which means fjord referring to the fjord now called Førdefjorden. Copyright 2018 Perform Group, bergen with Førde, sogndal. National Tourist Road View of Fv13 Norwegian County Road 13 Fv13 is one of 18 national tourist roads in Norway because of the nearby waterfalls. Gaular municipality is to the south. And development, are responsible for primary education through 10th grade outpatient health services. The municipalities of Jølster, zoning, the Øyrane area førde in the town of Førde is a large industrialcommercial area for the region.

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