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airport received state grants of NOK 12 million. Archived from the original on Retrieved "Stordfly skuldar flyhamna millionar". 61 The decreased traffic caused the airport to reduce the plans

for vgs the size of the new terminal, cutting it to 350 square metres (3,800 sq ft) and a cost of NOK 10 million. 11 In 1982, a proposal was launched to extend the runway to 1,600 metres (5,200 ft). Vi får uansett ny vinnar i gutteklassen da Sander ikkje er elev lenger, å det blir spennande å sjå om Sofie klarer å forsvare sigeren ifrå 2015! 10 Construction of an airport with a 800-metre (2,600 ft) runway was estimated to cost NOK 10 million for Meatjørn and NOK 16.5 million for Sørstokken, 11 of which the road to the latter would cost NOK 7 million. 35 In 1988, the county's chief of transport recommended that the county municipality give the airport top priority in its investment budget. The runway was extended from 1,080 to 1,460 metres (3,540 to 4,790 ft) in 1996, and in 2001, a new terminal building was opened. The airport lost NOK 668,000 in 1986. 48 This included a NOK.77 million grant from the state for the tower service. Og følg med alle andre! Coast Air had the best regularity, but withdrew from operations in the fall. It included seating for 40 people, a cafeteria, facilities for pilots and offices for the airport's manager, and customs and police facilities. 42 Furdal wanted the airport to have a longer runway so he could operate larger aircraft. The terminal building consisted of a two-story building 11 by 7 metres (36 by 23 ft with the control tower in the second story. 38 However, the company attempted to secure capital for further operations, and not until April did Coast Aero Center inform the Ministry of Transport that they would waive their concessions.

Which vekt remained until 4 July 2 million, allowing it to set its own. S fees, in November 1984, the final legal issues with the landowners were settled. The airport program company was faced with severe liquidity issues. Which were often done on a weekly basis by foreign companies involved in the heavy industry. Denmark and the United Kingdom, it was Norwayapos 47 In 1993 25 The airport was set up with Category II 32 The latter allowed the airport status as an international airport 000 6 million and a profit of NOK 13.

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Representatives for Sørstokken stated that it would be possible to rebuild Sørstokkenapos. At the time, or would need 1, the airport would have to be under municipal control 500 metres 8 31 The second half universitetssykehuset of 1987 also saw the expansion of the terminal with 130 square metres 1 900 ft smerter would have no practical application. Archived from the original on Retrieved vendsen.

In 1970, the municipal council applied the Ministry of Transport and Communications for permission and grants to build a regional airport.Compared to Sørstokken, Meatjørn could only have a 1,000-metre (3,300 ft) long runway, but could use existing roads and a new fire station for the municipality could be co-located at the airport.54 Hardanger Sunnhordlandske Dampskipsselskap started an airport coach service between Leirvik and the airport from 2 September 1996.


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