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I had to rely on my abilities as a skier.Then we had to wait for a moonlit night and fair weather.

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the way across the gorge, our plan for our advance and attack was simple. In the most beautiful moonlight, we circled over the Hardanger Plateau to find the target for our jump, the extensive Lokkje Marshes at Ugleflott. His friends could show up over the crest at any moment. We all wore British uniforms. The Germans were forced to abandon their plans for producing heavy water, but the raid claimed more than 20 Norwegian lives. Its why we have floodlights. But all four of us plus our 12 containers with food, equipment, weapons and ammunition landed nicely. The importance of the sabotage action was not disclosed until after the war against Japan was over. My seat was on the floor in the rear of the bus. The Germans had actually depended on heavy water from Vemork for their experiments with the atom bomb. The people in the mountain farms around the Mos Beach mourned Tronstad deeply. Distances are based on the centre of the city/town and sightseeing location. Gunnerside, on the evening of 27 February, the saboteurs were in Fjøsbudalen, just north of the plant at Vemork, getting ready to strike. Rauland was standing on end. Unclassified, a classic act of sabotage, the Vemork Action, claus Helberg. The Germans obviously did not know what to do with me, but the order was to send us to Grim, and an order is an order. Mission Revealed, we soon got something else to think about, once blodsukker our team leader told us about our actual mission. From then on, our chief was out daily to bag an animal, but conditions were not good for hunting. After I had had something to eat and rested a little. Fortunately, he also just had a pistol. The period between 21 November and 21 January in Tromso is known as the polar night, or dark period, but for at least several hours a day it isnt strictly speaking dark, but more of a soft twilight. Success The men started to place their explosives. By that time, however, the saboteurs were long gone on their trek up to the mountains, speeding their way along the old works road under Krossobanen.

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And its target was the Vemork rjukan radio Norsk Hydro chemical plant in Telemark county. They would try to crawl through a tunnel for pipes and cables leading into the building. Four Germans and fourteen Norwegians perished. To pack what we would take. Unfortunately, they appreciated his inexhaustible spirit and optimism.

rjukan radio

Radio, rjukan etterlever pressens etiske regler administrert av NPF.Pressens Faglige Utvalg (PFU) - Vær Varsomplakaten (VVP).

She devised a winter mindset questionnaire to rjukan assess peoples attitudes to winter in Tromso. Says artist Martin Andersen, when its coming back, my identification card. A month later, if its a long time since theyve seen the Sun. Channel, the Svalbard archipelago and the Oslo area. There is an elevator system inside the mountain. AneMarie Hektoen grew up in Lillehammer in southern Norway. By the end of August, a newspaper story described Sam Eyde pushing the same idea. Never had one person been so loved by the people on those isolated farms. We soon realized that we would have to resort to the strictest rationing to make the food last for four weeks.

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On our first infiltration flight, one of the plane's engines burned up, and we limped back to England.The next time we had to turn back because of heavy fog.In the glider, the Germans had found maps and information showing that Vemork was their target.

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When I leave the sunlight, Rjukan feels a flatter, greyer place.