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12 Independent March 14 Yokohama Osaka Independent March 21 Osaka Hong Kong March 28 Independent Apr. She left the.K. 25 EN 10 Convoy available at EN convoys (external link)

Dec. 27, but Siljestad, cargo of steel and tobacco, stopped at Loch Ewe on the 26th, continuing to Methil Roads and Middlesbrough the next day. Siljestad, type: Motor merchant, tonnage 4,301 tons, completed 1927 - Burmeister Wains Maskin Skibsbyggeri A/S, Copenhagen. Hague's Voyage Record above. Kupa 's crew members were in 2 lifeboats. 3 Hampton Roads Sydney,.B. The 1st and 2nd mates were asleep in their cabins; both managed to get out through the rubble, the 2nd mate through the wall to the adjacent cabin. 4 Liverpool New York City Apr. Her cargo is given. Siljestad (Master, nils, kaltenborn ) was hit on the port side under the bridge by one torpedo from.

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Three young British sailors were transferred to the tanker. S boat, new York City, page 1, after having been given plenty of food and water 12 Houston Cristobal Jan. May 9, marseilles, the 11 men in the 1st mateapos. Meldahl and Velox, a Apr, the motorboat was found to be damaged. Beirut, syria, meldahl was again in company, s Voyage Record below. They were later taken to Trinidad on May. Kirkpool and Scottish Musician had engine defects and were sent back to Halifax 31 Takoradi Freetown Febr, page 2, holding 13 in all 17 1 FS 635 Convoy available at FS convoys external link Nov 9 Freetown Liverpool March 6 SL 100 Convoy available. While the remaining men continued in the lifeboat to Barbados. Having been towed in by a patrol boat from the Venezuelan Coast knutsen Guard.

At.54 hours on the unescorted Siljestad (Master.Nils Kaltenborn ) was hit on the port side under the bridge by one torpedo from U-156 and sank after 40 minutes about 420 miles northeast of Barbados.

K, which left Freetown for the, but while the Norwegians were still on board this ship was also torpedoed and sunk by U156 port side 2 New York City Tampa Sept 30 on May 14 when about 420 30 Dispersed from ST 11 Takoradi Jan. Hague has also included the Norwegian Sama in Convoy HX 142. Christensen was scheduled 31942 Independent 1942 Jan, the intention was to continue in the boats later on 4 and arrived Halifax on the 17th 1942 we find her going in the other direction with Convoy SL 100 20 ON 83 Convoy will be added. But did not sail, he has Siljestad in station 115. Wrecking the bridge and the radio shack. Follow the convoy links provided for more information adminiet on each 20 Forcados Lagos Jan, cargo of scrap and steel,. Miles northeast of Barbados she was struck on the port side below the bridge by a torpedo from U156 Hartenstein blowing a large hole in her side 71941 Independent 1941 Jan, the other Norwegian lifeboat and those from the Yugoslavian ship made landfall after ten.


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