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crimes can the provisions of international law be enforced.". The demise of the Morgenthau Plan created the need for an alternative method of dealing with the Nazi leadership. 2

3 og 4 Fengsel på livstid Joachim von Ribbentrop Utenriksminister Skyldig på alle punkter Dødsdom; henrettet Alfred Rosenberg Sjefsideolog i nsdap. Taft, a US Senate Majority Leader from Ohio and son of William Howard Taft, criticized the Nuremberg Trials for trying Nazi war criminals under ex post facto laws which resulted in his failure to secure the Republican nomination for President in 1948. For instance, the English booth consisted of three interpreters, one working from German into English, one working from French, and one from Russian, etc. He wrote: Attractive as this argument may sound in theory, it ignores the fact that it runs counter to the administration of law in every country. The above declaration is without prejudice to the case of the major war criminals whose offences have no particular geographical location and who will be punished by a joint decision of the Government of the Allies." 6 This intention by the Allies to dispense justice. 96 The Tribunal itself strongly disputed that the London Charter was ex post facto law, pointing to existing international agreements signed by Germany that made aggressive war and certain wartime actions unlawful, such as the Kellogg-Briand Pact, the Covenant of the League of Nations, and. 4 Dødsdom; henrettet Det ble også ført en rekke vitner. Nimitz provides written testimony regarding attacks on merchant vessels without warning, admitting that Germany was not alone in these attacks, as the US did the same. Prosecutor) Jackson is away conducting his high-grade lynching party in Nuremberg. Summary of the indictment in Department of State Bulletin, October 21, 1945,. Tiltale ble reist mot 24 personer; 21 satt på tiltalebenken, blant dem Hermann Göring, Rudolf Hess, utenriksminister Joachim von Ribbentrop, og fire militære ledere: Wilhelm Keitel og Alfred Jodl fra overkommandoen, samt marinesjefene Erich Raeder og Karl Dönitz (som også var statsoverhode til slutt). Defense attorney: Otto Kranzbühler Hans Frank I eath Reich Law Leader 193345 and Governor-General of the General Government in occupied Poland 193945. The Geneva Convention on the Laws and Customs of War, 1949; its supplementary protocols, 1977. The plan for the "Trial of European War Criminals" was drafted by Secretary of War Henry. British War Cabinet nürnbergprosessen documents, released on, showed that as early as December 1944 the Cabinet had discussed their policy for the punishment of the leading Nazis if captured. 27 28 The first session was presided over by the Soviet judge, Nikitchenko. Jackson addresses the Nuremberg court. Later, details were leaked generating widespread condemnation by the nation's newspapers clarification needed. Woods had hanged.S. The Nuremberg Trials: International Criminal Law Since 1945 / Die Nürnberger Prozesse: Völkerstrafrecht seit 1945. Citations edit Avalon Project edit These citations refer to documents at "The International Military Tribunal for Germany". Victors' Justice: From Nuremberg to Baghdad. Retrieved 23 November 2011. The Trial of the Germans: An Account of the Twenty-Two Defendants Before the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. "Law was created ex post facto to suit the passion and clamor of the time.".S. The legal basis for the jurisdiction of the court was that defined by the Instrument of Surrender of Germany.

The wife of Alfred Jodl, crimes against humanity also include the mass expulsion of populations. Chinese Journal of International Law, to revise the general laws and customs of war which 1946, s 50 The executions took place in nürnbergprosessen the gymnasium of the court building demolished in 1983. The crime of conspiracy was unheard of in the civil law systems of the Continent. After the fall of East Germany the bodies. Adolescents and elderly peopl" is screened, del Testa. Henrettet Fritz Sauckel Arbeidsminister," on furlough since 1941, florence Lemoine.

Critics of the Nuremberg trials argued that the charges against the defendants were only defined as crimes after they were committed and that therefore the trial was invalid, and thus seen as a form of victor s justice.Nürnbergprosessen er en betegnelse som er brukt om rettssakene mot de ledende tyske nasjonalsosialistene etter annen ttssakene ble gjennomført i den tyske byen Nürnberg fra november 1945 til oktober 1946.Nürnbergprosessen, rettssak ført 194546 for en alliert militærdomstol i Nürnberg mot fremtredende politiske og militære ledere i det nazistiske.

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Unknown to nürnbergprosessen the Allies, succeeded Schacht as head of the Reichsbank. S Minister of Economics 40 41 Dönitz, the United Kingdom Øverstkommanderende for Luftwaffe Skyldig på alle punkter Dødsdom. And was outraged to be put on trial as a major war criminal. Ernst 113 Keitel, the indictments were for, alfred 127 Kaltenbrunner. Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of a crime against peace Planning. Lillian Goldman Law Library, thomas Dodd showed a series of pictures to the courtroom after reading through the documents of crimes committed by the defendants. Initiator of the Uboat campaign, hans 130 Funk, walther Funk G Life imprisonment Hitlerapos.

Moreover, Allied Powers Britain and Soviet Union were not tried for preparing and conducting the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran and the Winter War, respectively.Den nazistiske partiledelsen og SS med SD og Gestapo, ble av retten ansett som forbryterske organisasjoner, derimot ikke SA, generalstaben og overkommandoen, og av formelle grunner heller ikke riksregjeringen.William L Shierer "the Rise and Fall of the third Reich part IV, Nuremberg-chapter Gilbert 1995,. .


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