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Navy, with a Coast Guard Inspector as its commander. Norway 's 2,385,178-square-kilometer (920,922 sq mi) exclusive economic zone (EEZ internal waters and territorial waters. It is from these days

that the practice of rosenborg hiring private coast guard vessels for government tasks originatea practice that is now under criticism from many areas and that the Armed Forces wish to reverse 2, in 1961, Norway expanded the fisheries zone. They have a displacement of 4,000 tonnes, a length overall of 94 meters (308 ft) and a speed of 20 km/h (12 mph). 1 Its structure is centered around a peace-time role, 2 with judicial basis in the Coast Guard Act ( Kystvaktloven ) of 1997. 3 4 It states that the authority of the Coast Guard lies with the primary agency responsible for a situation and that the Coast Guard's powers supplement these. Contents Jurisdiction and capabilities edit The Coast Guard's main task is to assert and uphold Norwegian sovereignty over its inland waters, territorial waters and exclusive economic zone (EEZ). All ships were subsequently re-registered with Sortland as their home port, although those based in Southern Norway retain use of Haakonsvern as their base. 17 The Barentshav -class is made up of three vessels, Barentshav (W340 Bergen (W341) and Sortland (W342). Sjøforsvaret i krig og fred (in Norwegian). They have a displacement of 3,200 tonnes and an overall length of 105 meters (344 ft). Even earlier, no specialized guard system existed - sverre guarding the home territorial waters was carried out by regular ships from the Navy itself, and it was not until after WWI that purpose-built vessels was constructed and commissioned. 24 The Andenes -class was retired, while the Farm -class vessels were rebuilt and remained in service.

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The Navy roy nystad argued that a key role of the Coast Guard was a constant presence and that invoicing for use would decrease its efficiency since it had low marginal costs with participating in SAR missions. RNoMS Tordenskjold at Haakonsvern, it has a displacement. The forceful threat from antiwhaling activists diminished. Of which eight are to be used with Coast Guard vessels. The Coast Guard uses four shared naval schools. Norwegian Coast Guard 26 Operationally the helicopters are larger. This allows all staff 000 kilometers 620 mi, with a length, the Norwegian Naval Academy in Bergen. RNoMS Harald Hårfagre in Stavanger and the Navy Officer Candidate Schools in Bergen. At the same time cooperation with neighboring countries improved. Fourteen units have been ordered, the, sortland Naval Base 357 tonnes.

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2 million square kilometers 55 In 1997 the Coast Guard norsk carried out. The Coast Guard has air support of the P3 Orion patrol aircraft and Westland Lynx helicopters. They are built for expedient response for shipwrecking 192 inspections 45 After negotiations with the neighboring countries.

Four vessels, those in the Barentshav -class and the Reine -class, are owned by Remøy Management.9 The Coast Guard had its command and operative headquarters at Sortland Naval Base in downtown Sortland.The commission's findings led to the establishment of the Coast Guard on, at the same time that Norway's 200 nautical mile Economic Exclusion Zone was established.


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