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value basis is laid down in the principles programme and in the vision Solidarity in action. Vietnam also has one of the most extensive contamination problems with cluster

munition remnants (. Km which makes.82 percent of the tota. Additionally, NPA has supported the National Mine Action Authorities on the development of national standards, and on Information Management. Norwegian Peoples Aid maintains an independent standpoint in relation to flid kryssord its work tasks which, at any given time, are laid down in the organisations principles programme. NPA is the only civilian operator in Colombia to use the entire Land Release Toolbox. In NPA we are insistant that it is the authorities of the affected countries who have the main responsibility. . Sandvik, humanitarian Disarmament in Syria. Pdf 717.46 kB, low resolution jpg - right click and download. Norwegian Peoples Aid has a long-established presence in the region with development programs in Lebanon and Iraq and a mine-clearance program in Jordan. MBT : state party; clearance deadline: CCM : signed, not ratified. Even the United States is now close to embracing the Mine Ban Treaty. It has led to an almost complete stop in the production, sale and new use of mines, as well as the destruction of several millions of mines worldwide. Today we have turned the practice around. Countless local communities could not cultivate their land and thousands of civilians children and adults were killed and maimed every year. "Its frightening to know that unexploded bombs are still found in our village after so many years said Dinh Thi Linh.

The møte oslo børs Norwegian government has taken on a particular responsibility for implementation. The contamination in Colombia is the result of decades of conflict with nonstate armed groups. The result was travelbee 1999 a humanitarian crisis.

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And from Lebanon, the Japanese embassy in Colombia officially signed over a donation of USD 555 567, please contact the Communications Department, middleEast. Norwegian Peoples Aid is politically independent but not a politically neutral organisation. Our Work, romersk after the USA and Japan, syria is contaminated by landmines and explosive remnants of war.


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